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Frequently Asked Questions




As a prospective ARC applicant, I invite you to join TEACH Connecticut’s virtual office hours for ARC applicants on Tuesdays in May from 5 to 6pm to get your questions answered. Learn more and sign up for a session at:


With a free TEACH Connecticut account, you can also get reimbursed $100 of your application fee and apply for exclusive $1,000 scholarship opportunities. If you’re unable to attend a session, please refer to our custom ARC application checklist or sign up for a virtual 1:1 coaching session with a TEACH Connecticut advisor.



1.   Does ARC run a summer program?


ARC does not offer a summer program.




2.   Are Praxis Core, Praxis II, or ACTFL required?


Yes. All applicants must take Praxis Core or obtain a waiver. There are no longer passing scores for Praxis I. Praxis I waiver requests will only be reviewed and approved, if applicable, once an application is received.


Applicants for Business Education, English, Family Consumer Science, mathematics, sciences and technology education must pass Praxis II.


Foreign Language candidates must pass the ACTFL OPI and WPT tests.


There are no waivers available for Praxis II or ACTFL. 





3.   Do I need to take Praxis Core, Praxis II, or ACTFL before the deadline?


All required tests or waivers should be taken prior to the deadline. Student practicum assignments will not be confirmed if any required tests are outstanding. 




4.   Is there a GPA requirement?


Applicants must have an undergraduate 3.00 GPA or have successfully completed 24 semester hours or more of graduate study with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better. Candidates who do not meet either of these must apply for a GPA Waiver as part of the online application.


Candidates will not be considered for a GPA waiver unless the Praxis II has been taken and passed OR the ACTFL OPI and WPT tests have been taken and the minimum scores obtained.




5.   What do I need for references?


Your references should be able to speak to your professional qualifications and highlight your skills and potential to become a teacher. These are reviewed by an Admissions Committee along with your application so it is important to select people who can speak from a professional capacity about your capability to successfully participate in ARC and eventually become an effective educator. Reference forms are found in the online ARC Application. ARC must receive three sealed and current letters on official letterhead and attached to the Reference Form.




6.   Does ARC accept degrees earned outside of the United States?


Degrees earned outside of the United States must be evaluated by specific agencies designated in the ARC catalog here.




7.   My degree is not in the certification area I am seeking. Am I still able to apply?


Applicants who did not major in the certifications we offer (excluding foreign languages) will need thirty college credits or a passing score on the Praxis II test.


Applicants with a closely related major to the content area they are seeking will need eighteen college credits in that subject area or a passing score on the Praxis II test. More information can be found in the ARC catalog here.




8.   Is financial aid available?


Loans for ARC are available through the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority (CHESLA). More information can be found here.


ARC applicants are not eligible for federal Title IV funding awarded through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).




9.   Am I able to earn certification in art, bilingual, early childhood, elementary education, music, social studies, special education, or TESOL/ELL through ARC?


ARC does not offer these endorsements at this time. More information about the certification programs offered for the current year can be found in the ARC catalog here.




10. As a certified teacher from another state/country, how can I get Connecticut certification?


Certified teachers from outside Connecticut should direct their questions to the State of Connecticut Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at 860-713-6969 or by email Prior to contacting the Department of Education, please review the publication here.




11. I am a teacher at a non-public school. How can I get certified?


Non-public school teachers may apply for certification if they meet Connecticut requirements. More information may be found here. Please direct questions to the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at 860-713-6969 or at




12. I am already certified in Connecticut. How can I get certified/cross endorsed in another subject?


More information can be found here. Please direct questions to the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification at 860-713-6969 or at




13. How do I know whether I meet all the admissions requirements?


Please review the list of Eligibility Requirements for Admission and Application Requirements in the ARC catalog here.




14. Am I certified once I successfully complete the ARC program?


Please review Employment Upon ARC Completion in the ARC Catalog here. Further explanations may be found on the ARC homepage here.




15. How do I know whether I am missing anything prior to submitting my application? How do I know whether I am missing anything after submitting application?


All applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of their application.


Once you electronically submit your ARC application and send ARC your signature page, application fee check, and current resume, you may verify which documents ARC has by logging onto the online application system. ARC must receive and process all required application materials before you are able to do this. You may find more information on the ARC website here.




16. I applied to ARC before. Can I apply again?


For applicants who are not offered admission, ARC maintains submitted applications and supporting documents for two years. To reapply, go to the online ARC Application page here and follow the directions for re-applicants.


Please note if you applied to ARC more than two years prior to reapplying, you must begin the process as a new applicant. This includes resubmitting all required test scores, transcripts, references, etc.




17. Where is the program located?


All ARC classes are held at Goodwin College, East Hartford, CT.




18. What is ARC’s mailing address?


450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707, Hartford, CT  06103-1841. 


Do not send documents to the ARC office that require a signature.


Documents can be dropped off on the street level of 450 Columbus Boulevard in the mail slot for the CT Department of Education. ARC staff is not available to pick up hand-delivered documents.




19. How long is the Student Practicum and where do they occur?


The student practicum is eight full weeks. You must be available during the day to successfully complete this requirement. Every effort will be made to place you in a school close to where you live.


Students can work in public school under a Durational Shortage Area Permit (“DSAP”) or as a Long Term Substitute (“LTS”) and complete their student practicum assignment. The DSAP or LTS assignment must meet the requirements of the ARC program.


All ARC candidates will be required to submit and pass the edTPA Assessment as required by the State Department of Education certification.




20. When will I receive notice of acceptance into the program?


This date may be found at the back of the ARC catalog here.





450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707, Hartford, CT  06103-1841, Phone:  860-947-1800

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